5 Reasons Women Find Good Dads sexy

There’s no doubt having kids changes relationships. 

Childbirth is gross, kids are messy – it’s all consuming and everyone is in constant need of sleep. Despite being in awe of this amazing little human; nothing kills the mood like the sick in your hair that you hadn’t noticed. 

Suddenly, roses or a box of chocolates may not get the response they used to, but that doesn’t mean the magic is gone. With Valentine’s day looming and love in the air, we invited honorary mum Ricki Unger to tell us what women find really sexy once they become a mother. Hint: it’s not washboard abs, or a seven-digit bank balance. 

Over to Ricki…

It’s actually really straight forward.

Mums think good dads are sexy. 

There’s something about a guy that wholly embraces fatherhood that makes us go weak at the knees. Here are some of the qualities that make good dads so irresistible.

1. Humility

Having kids is the most humbling experience possible. No matter how accomplished you may be in other areas of life—nothing prepares you for bringing home a new baby. What’s more, every stage of childhood has its unique challenges—so you never have it completely “figured out”. Good dads are aware they don’t know it all and are constantly looking for ways to be better. This refreshing humility spills over into other areas and is attractive, to say the least.

2. He Doesn’t take Himself too Seriously

He knows all the words to Frozen and will sing out loud in public (here’s a great example). He has no issue with playing dress up or pretending to be rocket-ship captain on the way to the moon at the park. This guy has a sense of humour and isn’t embarrassed to show his silly side. Self-assured confidence is one of the sexiest qualities a man can have.

3. Sensitivity 

Part of being a good dad means knowing how to communicate with your kids and understand their needs. Have you ever tried to reason with an upset (or hungry, or tired, or bored…etc) toddler? Good dads are sensitive to the ever-changing moods, needs and desires of their children and somehow always manage to negotiate a smile.

4. He Takes Better Care of Himself

Gone are the days of pizza for breakfast and chocolate for lunch. Good fathers know they are setting an example for their children and want to stay in good health for as long as possible. This renewed commitment to self-care commands respect and inspires us to create healthy families and good habits. Also— “dad bods” are hot.

5. Selflessness

Being a parent often means putting your kid’s needs above your own (within reason). Good dads have this balance “nailed” and know how to act selflessly and with purpose. Being with a man who considers the needs of others is more than a little alluring for all kinds of reasons

Sound like you? Chances are you fit the bill. You’re a great dad and we’re into it– no champagne or flowers required (although they wouldn’t go amiss.) Keep doing what you’re doing, it looks good on you. 

So, there you have it guys #ChicksDigGoodDads. Thanks Ricki – we’ll have you back next time we need some advice.