7 Dad Blogs You Should Follow

Heads up, there’s a new breed of dads now: dads that blog. 


Mums have held the parent blogger spotlight for some time, but more and more brilliant dad blogs are now emerging and the resulting community is a truly special one.


You’ll find a mix of the traditional parental empathy, top tips and cute pictures, but added elements of blunders only dads make and things mum doesn’t want to know about thrown into the equation. Whether you’re looking for a laugh, or looking to stop the kids crying, our pick of the best dad blogs will cover you.


Dad Up North

Dad Up North documents what goes into keeping a two year old occupied. He describes the series A Dad, A Daughter and 2 Plastic Chairs as “purely a way of capturing little moments between me and Effy, that we can both look back on, when she’s a stroppy teenager and thinks I’m a dick”. Magical.

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This Father Life

We’ve all (knowingly or not) been tasked with the transition from free soul to family man, and This Father Life takes you along for his journey. Driver of the Family Man club, Robert, summarises that “if you can’t take a bath without getting an action figure, lego or duck stuck up your arse then maybe you are a candidate for this far more exclusive, ultra trendy club too”. Safer to shower.

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The Unlikely Dad

Tom is a hub of parenting knowledge and pride who sums up the dadlife as “like looking after a hormonal, small, drunk person who you are just trying to keep alive in their waking hours”. Never truer words spoken. The Unlikely Dad shares incredibly detailed advice on the adoption journey.

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Father of Daughters

Father of Daughters’ Instagram following is over 800k for a reason. Plenty of reasons actually. Simon, outnumbered with 4 daughters, manages the day to day dadding stylishly and humorously. He’s written for no less than Balenciaga before too, so he knows his fashion.

Forever Outnumbered book cover page

The Learner Parent

Dad of all trades Sam Avery is always good for a laugh, even if it is at his 2 year old’s expense. When he’s not doing stand up comedy or writing a parenting book, you can find The Learner Parent playing the supporting role in the detailed account The Secret Diary of a 2 Year Old. The Learner Parent is hot on social media, with 130,000 likes on Facebook.

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A Day In The Life Dad

Jamie Day, winner of the 2016 Best Baby Blog at the MAD Awards, is a keen #InstaDad and a seasoned writer, featuring in the likes of GQ magazine, Little London Magazine and Fifi & Friends. The blog is inspired by “the cocktail of children, dogs, my wife and our lifestyle”. He makes it sound all too easy.

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If you want to share your fathering prowess but aren’t on the blogging train yet, Daddilife is a good place to start. The community allows dads to guest post, such as the guide to dad jokes and the best and worst movie dads. Worth a dabble.

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There it is, the MANCUB-approved list of dad blogs you should follow from today. Think we’ve missed someone? Let us know your choice for best dad blog.


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