All the Feels: 7 Parenting Moments That Will Melt Your Heart

Parenting – quite frankly, it’s an emotional rollercoaster. The sheer love and joy at birth, the sleepless nights, the vomit, and the poo. The laughter as they grow, the frustration as they rebel, and the pride as they graduate. You will feel it all – it’s a never-ending highlight reel.

We’ve tried to narrow it down, and picked 7 of what we think are the best moments you’ll experience as a parent; those times your little one will say or do something that leaves a warm feeling inside (a warm feeling that’s not them weeing on you – just for the record, that will happen if it hasn’t already)…

1. When They Copy You

From the moment we’re born, we observe and imitate others, and naturally, the people we imitate most are our parents. Watching your baby absorb every action, every word, and every nuance of your existence, then replicate it, is a moment of intense pride and happiness. Well, until that day you say ‘F*%K off’, and they repeat it on a loop for the next 3 years. Hmmm, let’s focus on the visual – MANCUB can help with that!

2. When They Learn Something New

Every time your little one learns a new skill it’s a very rewarding feeling. Whoever thought walking could be so exciting? Or it could be a new sport, or a picture they’ve drawn for you. These things are the first glimpse into their future passions and enthusiasm, and it’s truly heart-warming to witness.

3. Their Innocence (also lack of filter)

As adults, we’ll never retrieve the innocent perspective we had as children, and whilst innocent perspective is sweet, it can also be hilarious and embarrassing for us parents. Put simply; children have no filter. When they see a man with a BMI >50 walking through the street and point shouting ‘hello big fat man’, finding the words to explain how that is NOT okay can become quite the challenge. As cringey and embarrassing as it may be, you can’t help but smile and enjoy their unpolluted innocence. Their comic timing and dryness is something even the greatest comedians could only hope for.

4. Breakthroughs & Achievements

Many parents will cite this as the best part of watching their little one grow up. Whether it’s gaining the confidence to swim without armbands or learning to ride a bike (cliché but classic), it’s a satisfying and proud moment for any parent to see their child reach a milestone. Another awesome one is how they learn big words and start to use them completely out of the blue and, more importantly, in context. It leaves you speechless.


son imitating father playing guitar

Watching your children learn new things and ‘come of age’ is an amazing parenting moment for anyone.

5. Emotional Development

With age your child’s moral compass and emotional intelligence develops. It might not be as obvious as other things on this list, but when you start noticing how your kids act around others, how they treat animals, and how they show compassion and love, that’s when your heart starts to melt. It’s amazing to see them mould their moral compass and form emotional intelligence. Whether that’s recognising sadness and giving you their last sweet or drawing a picture of a day out you’ve spent together, it’s a beautiful thing to see.

These are the earliest signs of the type of personality they’re going to have, and it’s hopefully one of kindness and consideration.

6. Finding their Independence

When they reach the dreaded teenage years, they’ll inevitably develop a longing for independence. You naturally become the most uncool person on the planet, what, with your curfews and house rules, and that’s when they start to rebel. They’ll be no matching outfits anymore we’re afraid. Not their cutest stage, we admit, but take solace in the fact that everyone goes through it. What’s nice is the light at the end of this tunnel.

When they get their first job, or first car, and develop a sense of responsibility – these huge leaps are moments in which you can revel in being a parent. You can be their beacon of advice and support, and when they find their way and no longer need your help, it’s a bittersweet moment watching them fly the nest and knowing you did a great job

7. Starting Their Own Family

One of the most profound parental moments is seeing your son (or daughter) marry the love of their lives and start to build a family of their own. It’s at this point you will see everything you passed down to them get passed on to your grandchildren. Aside from the inherited traits, watching them put their own stamp on parenthood and build a bond with their little ones is something to cherish forever.