When CUB grows into MAN

When CUB becomes MAN.


Finding their shoes can take the best part of an hour, and getting ready to leave the house feels like a life time. Day-to-day nothing seems fast at all, except how quickly they find a tiny bit of onion in their dinner. Of course they find that in a flash.

We all find the days are long, but the years are short. Your parents will have preached, ‘make the most of it while it’s here’ and you’ll have shrugged it off as a cliché, but you’ll soon start to realise that already your baby is gone.

Before you know it, it’s a boy is in your baby’s place. Then a teenager, then an older boy, and just like that your CUB has transformed into a MAN and the cliché has never been more real.


Watching kids grow older can be both the best and worst feeling in the world. We all want the best for them, and to see them to grow into better versions of ourselves. There’s nothing better than observing that happen as a result of your parenting.

However, when CUB’s go from idolising you and wanting to copy your every move, to being their own person with their own thought processes and opinions, it drives a mixed emotion. Our research showed that ‘looking like dad’ goes from being the coolest thing ever to totally uncool in just 7 short years.


Growing up. You can’t stop it happening, but you can be present so you don’t miss it.

Be present. Be MANCUB