MANCUB – It’s More Than Just Clothes

Episode 1 – Daddy’s Deaf Boy

‘Being MANCUB’ is so much more than wearing matching clothes; it’s a celebration of the unique and unrivalled bond between Man & Cub. We’re excited to launch this new video series where we’re stripping it right back and exploring what lies behind the style – ‘MANCUB – it’s more than just clothes’.

Each episode will showcase a different father and son story. This first ones a tear jerker. 

Introducing James and Nelson a.k.a Daddy’s Deaf Boy.

YouTube video

Featured in this video;

Matching Checked Shirt– £95 for MANCUB pair

Matching Denim Jackets– £125 for MANCUB pair

Matching Hoodies– £95 for MANCUB pair

Matching Bomber in Khaki– £155 for MANCUB pair 

If you’ve got a story to tell and would like to feature in one of our episodes, please email [email protected].