These kids won’t struggle stepping out of their dad’s shadow

Written by Jonathan Clarke

The parental embarrassment phase. We’ve all been there – when the most cringey, uncool person on the planet is your mum or dad.

Well, imagine for a second, that there’s a parallel universe where your dad was actually deemed the coolest man on the planet. By everybody. So cool in fact, that you’re just a stepping stone for your friends, who really want to just hang out with your old man.

The kids on this list have got it all to do. They’re living this bizarre reality in which it’s hard to imagine their dad as anything less than a demigod. A challenge it may be, but we at MANCUB HQ believe that these three cubs have what it takes to step out of their dad’s shadow and carve out their own ‘slice of ice’ coolness.

Let’s go…

1. Brooklyn Beckham

Where else did you think we’d start? David. Beckham. The name itself evokes all kinds of preconceptions around style and perfect masculine form.

Question then, what do you do when your dad has effectively ‘completed football’, is a brand is his own right, and is arguably the most fanciable man on the planet? Even we have a man crush.

Brooklyn Beckham has the answer: if you can’t beat him, join him.

 Famous Dads - David Beckham in Denim

Denim jackets have made a big comeback recently – and now you and your boy can rock one together.

The 19 year-old is a professional photographer and model (no surprise with those genes), and, like his father, is a lover of tattoos. Just by checking out Brooklyn Beckham’s Instagram you’ll see he’s creating his own identity and carrying the weight of that surname well.

Although Brooklyn’s following is growing rapidly, his old man never misses an opportunity to remind everyone who’s boss…

YouTube video

2. Scott Eastwood

Cool in a very different way, up next we have Hollywood’s original hard man. There’s nobody with a more intimidating glare than Clint Eastwood and no other man on the planet that could wear a poncho so well – even if there was, you wouldn’t dare tell him. And though we don’t sell ponchos at MANCUB, we think he’d suit our Flannel Check Shirt rather well.

A veteran of the silver screen, having starred in over 50 movies and directed 34, Eastwood is Hollywood royalty. He’s cut from the same cloth as Paul Newman, Steve McQueen and Marlon Brando – timeless icons of the film world. We could be wrong, but we wager Clint is a firm but fair, more traditional kind of father – one who commands respect, has no time whatsoever for that ‘flossing or selfie bullshit’.

Look in the  mirror, squint both eyes, and in your best Clint voice say ‘no time for that flossing or selfie bullshit’. We’ve been doing it in the office for some time now and it’s not getting old.

Famous Dad and Son - Clint and Scott Eastwood

Rather uncanny: we didn’t realise we needed a 21st Century Rowdy Yates until now. Scott is on the left btw.

This being the case, it’s curious to imagine what Scott, his eldest son, would be like as a father. He’s certainly inherited his old man’s rugged looks (probably even more handsome) – and he’s following in his dad’s footsteps in Hollywood. From some of the outfits we’ve seen Scott wearing though, he’ll have no trouble being his own brand of cool. He’ll need to work on eye narrowing and sneers if he wishes to inherit Clint’s charisma, but he’s doing just fine for now.

3. Milo Gibson

At just 29 years old, Milo Gibson has already starred in 8 movies – including the critically acclaimed Hacksaw Ridge. Then again, how much credit Milo takes for the film daddy directed will be a heated topic of debate in the family household. Especially when his old man is action movie legend, Mel Gibson.Headlining films like Braveheart, Lethal Weapon and Mad Max, Gibson has seen and done it all. His young son then has got a lot of shadow to break out of.

Milo Gibson has a strong sense of style like his Famous Dad, Mel Gibson

From a fashion perspective, Milo Gibson seems to love the understated look, so we’re guessing he’d love these.

Genetics are on his side; he does however, look a lot like his dad. Speaking to Ed Potton, Commissioning Editor of The Sunday Times, Milo revealed what life was like growing up as Mel’s son. It’s Potton’s observations that provide perhaps the most impartial insight though, as he stated:

“I’ve been in a room with Mel Gibson’s actor son for 20 minutes now, and there is not even a flicker of dysfunctionality. Promoting his new film, Hurricane, the 28-year-old is courteous, affable and full of sanity about the pitfalls of following his father into acting. What a great job Mel has done in raising such a well-adjusted young man, I think. Especially considering his own, shall we say, action-packed life.”

With such important personality traits already showing in a tough industry, we think Milo will go far.

Do you have any other father/son combos that could take on the world like the Eastwoods or Beckhams?