We’re keeping the future bright for kids by using sustainable plastic-free packaging

Zero, nil, zilch, niente – the amount of plastic you will find in your MANCUB order packaging. We are proud to say our packaging is plastic-free.

Yes, we are passionate about all things Man & Cub, but whilst we focus on raising good boys into great men, we must also ensure we maintain a planet that is fit for these great men we are moulding. 

Littered beaches, garbage riddled parks, polluted air, and overflowing waste bins are not cool, they are not our thing, and they make no environment for our Cubs. 

We aren’t a giant enterprise whose actions will change the world, but to make the world a better place, everybody has to do their part, no matter how small. We believe the amount of plastic you receive with most online orders is just wholly unnecessary. So, we’ve reduced the amount of packaging we use and replaced polythene bags with recycled cardboard and tissue paper.

“If you think you’re too small to make a difference, tell that to the person asleep in a bedroom with one mosquito!”

Dalai Lama

So, we’re starting by saying no to plastic packaging – how will you start? 

As a parent today, the likelihood is, you weren’t educated as a child about the significance of plastic pollution and its effects on wildlife and oceans. It’s our duty to change that for the next generation. David Attenborough has led the way in making the environment matter for the masses with his award-winning BBC series, Planet Earth. He’s been on a lifelong mission to publicise the scale of the issue that faces us, however, in a recent interview, he said that he hasn’t got long left and urges others to continue his fight.  

The Cub’s of today willsolve the problems of tomorrow, and we’ve found this great guide on how to talk Man to MANCUB about plastic pollution – read here

Ciao for now! 

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