Online Dating: Raising a Gentleman for 2030

Whether you love or hate the idea, one day in the not-so-distant future, your little Cub is going to start dating women…and boy has that game changed in recent years.

Technology has totally disrupted traditional dating – where a father had to physically leave the house to go find ‘mum’, the youth of today simply ‘swipe right’. Who knows where dating will progress next?

Impressive as it is, its current format is terrible for human connection, and there’s some embarrassing douche bag guys out there giving everyone else a bad name when it comes to online dating. Here’s a few that tickled us…

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Terrible examples of guys failing at online dating. If you enjoyed these, here’s some more…and more. We could do this all day!

The irony is, on paper, tech is putting many more people in touch, yet in reality it’s providing a damaging barrier: one that takes away context and stifles chemistry. Being a gentleman and having good dating etiquette in the online world has becoming harder to decipher for many – but it shouldn’t be this way, which is why we’ve developed a list of eight Golden Rules. Through these, you can raise a gentleman who will stand out in a world of desensitised and lazy lads.

The Eight Commandments of Online Dating

It’s important that you prepare your son for this crazy world of technology, and teach him to abide by these eight online dating commandments:

1.Thou shalt not send any form of dick pic (very important this one)

2. Never ever attempt to summon girls with lines like ‘Netflix and chill?’

3. Thou shalt not send abusive messages if a girl doesn’t reply

4. ‘Ghosting’ is a practice reserved for the worst kind of human, don’t do it

5. Thou shalt not play the field and date multiple girls at once

6. Always be polite, never crude, in giving compliments

7. Arrange physical dates at the earliest opportunity

8. Authenticity is key – thou shalt not Catfish. There is no example of this ever ending well. Ever!

It’s not rocket science, it’s about mutual respect, understanding, and honesty – three of the greatest gifts you’ll give to him as a good parent. Do so and you’re halfway to raising a gentleman (and avoid him bringing home a pregnant, 17-year-old girl he met once off the back of, ‘wanna Netflix & chill?’ *gasp*)

Raising a Gentleman starts with You

Perhaps one of the best ways to teach your son all of this is by showing him yourself. If you’re a single dad – be sure to lead by example and he can watch and learn. If you are in a happy family, make sure you treat his mum with love and respect, and he’ll learn from this more so than any commandment list. Your son will imitate and copy you; always learning from your actions as a father – set the best example and he’ll be a catch for anyone. Maybe start by teaching how to look the part 😉

So remember, being a gentleman means raising a gentleman.